Thursday, 23 June 2016

Question and Answers in Sql Server - Part 20

In This post Let we see some important question and answers in Sql Server, which is a continuation of previous post.

70. what are the various options of recovery model  ?

          Full, Bulk-logged, Simple
          Full : No work is lost, due to failure. It is default recovery model.

          Bulk-logged : Allows high-performance bulk copy operations. Minimum space    
                               is required , we can perform recovery when have taken the     
                                  backup of the database.

          Simple: Allows high-performance bulk copy operations,  we can perform  
                        recovery when we have taken the backup,advantage of using this is  
                        minimumspace requirement.

71. How to back-up database?

1.     Right click the database,Select Tasks in that select Back up database.

2.     Select the General in the left pane.

3.     Select the database to back up.

4.     Select a Back up type.
Full: Used for database , files, and filegroups.
Differential : Used for capture all data’s that has changed since the last full database backup.
Transaction log: Capture the modifications to the database, provide the history of the transaction takes place in the database.
Select the Full option.

5.     Select “Database” in back up component group.

6.     Give the name of the backup database.

7.     Select the Disk in the destination back up type and click ok.

I hope from this series of questions and explanation will give a basics and intermediate things in SQL SERVER. This articles make you to understand the about SQLSERVER.

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