Thursday, 23 June 2016

Question and Answers in Sql Server - Part 18

In This post Let we see some important question and answers in Sql Server, which is a continuation of previous post.

67. How To CREATE Policy Based Management ?

      In Our example we are going to create a policy that function that create in db must be starts with name udf_.

       step 1. expand the Policy Based Management      

       step 2. Right click Condition and create a new condition

       step 3. specify the condition name and select facet as UserDefiendFunction as our sample 

       step 4: In the grid sepcify the Attribute 
                   Field : @Name
                   Operator: Like
                    Value : 'UDF_%'

      Step 5: click Ok.

      Step 6. Right Click the Policy and create a new Policy

      Step 7: Give a name for the policy and select the condition present in combo and select Evaluation                             Mode: Change:Prevent

      Step 8: Enable the Policy and Click Ok.

68. What is Change Tracking ?

       Change Tracking is used to track the changes takes place in the tables with in the database. to read about Change Tracking Click Here to read about Change Tracking

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